Saturday, January 27, 2007

A day in the Life

Ahhhh...solitude. A weekend alone. Me and the dogs. Love it.

Bob is gone ice fishing for the weekend and I have the house to myself. Don't get me wrong I love spending time with my significant other, but I also like to just be. Know what I mean?

So what did I do?

Well, Bob had made arrangements for me to go pick up a truck load of firewood at 9:00 A.M.. Thanks. No biggie though. Wood is good when you want heat besides the propane gas heat, which is too dam expensive nowadays. SO we opt to burn wood in our wood burning stove. It's so freakin cozy too. So I arrive at the old "log yard" (as the owners wife put it when I was asking her how the hell I get there) and was greeted by an older man that had very weathered wrinkly skin probably from chain smoking he was doin all the while I was there.

Wood man: "G'mornin, You here for the wood?"

Me: G'mornin, well yes, I am.

Wood man: Back your truck up and we'll start loading it for you.

Me: K.

I paid him his dough and we made small talk as I drove him out to the gate so he could lock it back up. Nice feller. Kinda looked and reminded me of my mom's twin brother.

So off I go back to base camp. I let the happy but wagging dogs out to run while I start stacking my future warmth. I get about half of the truck stacked and decide I better get to the food store. The cupboards are bare.

Next trip: Food store. Nothing really exciting at the food store..just alot of food waiting to be purchased and me trying to be ever so frugal. I think I did pretty well this week. Alot of stuff was on sale. Back to base camp again to unload my future meals. Again, letting the happy butt wagging dogs out again to run. It's about 1:30. I decide I better eat something since I haven't thus far. I bought those $.29 cup o noodles..or whatever they are. I got won-ton flavor. eh. It was something.

Then I decide to head to Zern's. Zern's is a big indoor flea market with a plethora of food stands, amish baked goods, butcher shops and THE BEST place to people watch. My first stop for the day was the "Outlet Grocery Store". Here you can find out-dated food stuff, banged up boxes of cereal and things to terrifying to even mention. I go here to buy my shampoo, conditioner and hand lotion. NO FOOD EVER!!! I mull over the selection and make my purchases. $4.12 for Pantene conditioner and Dove hand lotion. Now that's a bargain.

Next stop is the butcher shop. Not for those big red slabs of marbly fat laden steaks. I want JERKY. They have the largest selection of jerky this side of the Mississippi. Today I purchased Hickory Smoked Turkey Jerky.mmmmmmm. Your mouth is watering...isn't it?

Hmmmm...where to next? I take a quick jaunt around looking for any new stores, checking out the designer knock off handbags all the while the smell of fresh roasted peanuts is permeating the air. I decide I've had enough. It was pretty crowded there today. So I stop at the produce stand and buy myself some fresh cut carnations to spruce up the old homestead.

I've worked up quite the appetite now. Let's stick with the whole Oriental theme and get some Chinese to take home. So I get more won-ton and the Dragon and Phoenix. General Tso's along with Spicy shrimps. Exactly what i wanted. So I am waiting for the man to make my grub when in walks a fellow of mexican? decent. He must have been a regular cause the chinese guy at the wok was like..."Hello, Amigo!" A chinese guy speaking spanish. Sounded weird.

I head back to base camp yet again whilst nibbling on my turkey jerky. Pretty dam tasty. Now I have my whole evening to lay by the fire, eat my food, and flip through the TV channels.

My kind of day.
It's good for my soul to do this on occasion.

Sunday, January 21, 2007


Hello bloggers!

Time to get my not so creative writing juices flowing again and post something.

Today it will be about one of my nieces...Katie.

She competed at a Mini-Meet this weekend and she did
a great job:
Third place on the vault
Second Place for floor routine
First Place on Uneven Bars
First Place on the Balance Beam

She had overall high score and was awarded the Gold Medal for her Level!

That's right...Gold Medal biatches. Such a proud Auntie I am. Here are some pics for your viewing pleasure...

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Funny..she looks really tall upside down

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
and there she is getting the gold.

Such an accomplishment since she does not practice year round and was competing against girls who compete year round and compete in different states etc, etc,.

Who got the gold? Katiedid...he he

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