Thursday, August 17, 2006

Wednesday, August 09, 2006


yea... so here I am all covered in drywall dust.

Since I am out of work for the summer I am more than happy to help with any home improvement projects that I can. We are having a new roof put on so we have a dumpster here at our disposal. Might as well fill it while we have it.

About the roof:

The roof looks so good. They have to come back on Saturday just to finish it up. The roof has been on hold since May. Bob used to do roofing on the weeekends way back when. So he figured him and a couple of buddies would do it. So back in May he buys shingles and tar paper and other roofing stuff. His buddies with hammers and work belts in tow were arriving on Saturday morning. Bob comes home Friday with really bad pains in his head and a rash on his chest that looks like a small patch of poison ivy. uh-oh. Let's make a long story short here. The day Bob goes to buy shingles for the roof he gets em. Let 's say a double dose of shinlges. Or shingles 2 for one. Yes, he gets shingles on his body too!!! Find the irony in that. I mean has that ever happened to anyone else?? If it has....I wanna know. So the rest of the roof is being done by hired hands.

Back to the drywall:

So I get to take down more drywall. Swing a hammer into a wall??? Sounds like fun to me! Last time it was the wall. This time it's a ceiling. So I put on my work clothes. Better get safety goggles. Safety goggles... good thinking on my part since it will be falling into my face. Oh yea..I need work gloves. Well, I can't use mine since the dogs chewed em up. Guess I'll have to resort to using Bob's waytoobig formyhands work gloves or should I say glove. Yes, one of our loving dogs also got a hold of Bob's work gloves. Bob had two pairs ya see but the dogs chewed up two right handed goves. So I'm left with two left-handed gloves and I'm right handed. Being ever so safety concious I wear one left handed glove to get the job done. So I begin. Oh yea... forgot how dusty this crap is. Better grab one of those respirator things the guys were wearing when they pulled the insulation down or out or whatever.

Respirator...check. left-handed work glove...check.. 2 dogs that have to be with you no matter what you are doing......check. Finally glasses....check. I found that safety glasses and respirators do not work well together. You see evertime you breath it fogs up the lenses of the safety glasses. A dilemma. Respirator or safety glasses. I went with the safety glasses.. for most of the time anyway. Maybe not a wise choice but it's not like it was asbestos or anything. Just some drywall dust to coat the lungs.

It didn't take too all to long and it was quite theraputical. Now all I have to do is take it by wheelbarrow load by wheelbarrow load down to the dumpster. Gotta bust out the shop-vac too to get up all the tiny little pieces that did not land on the tarp.

One more thing off the long list of things to do.

Sunday, August 06, 2006


So this is it. The beginning of my very own blog. I thought an indroduction might be the best way to start.

So here goes....

My husband (Bob) and I moved into our very first home in Feb. of 2005. We were renting a condo in good old suburbia when our landlord decided he wanted to sell our unit. So us, not wanting to buy the condo, went off on our house search. Bob had two requirements for our house:

1. At least an acre of land
2. A garage

Alright maybe three requirements : get out of the hustle and bustle of the suburbs, which was probably the number one requirement for both of us.

So we found this Cape Cod (in need of some TLC), which is nestled at the foot of a mountain in the woods, on over an acre of land and has a two car detached gararage. It's also in a County park that has a huge resevoir and another lake. Both within a 2 or 3 minute drive. We'll get into the TLC in some later posts. Way too much to go into right now.

Bob being an avid hunter and fisherman was jonesin for a puppy. A hunting dog. A bird dog. So in May of 2005, we got her. She is a German Wirehaird Pointer and is cute as a button. See below if you don't believe me.

Penny is her name and hunting is her game, seriously. Why just the other day, I'm calling for her to come to go inside and she ain't comin. So I have a look see to see where she was or what she was doin and there she was locked on full point down at the rocks in front of my house. "Hmpfh....wonder what it is?" So I make my way down and sure enough there it is a turtle stuck in the rocks. I safely put the turtle by the creek across the street from my house.

Anyway, just look at how cute that face is. Now I ask you, how can you get mad at that face after she chews up two comforters, the heel off your favorite pair of shoes, Bob's hats, so many other things I can't even remember and a $50 pair of pants. That's right a $50 pair of brand spanking new, never-been-worn, tags-still on em pants. Now, I never spend that much money on clothes. You did read the part that our house is in need of TLC, didn't you? So I try to be as frugal as I can but this very day whilst out shopping I decided to splurge. I bought other things too that day but stuff that was on sale. Everything was still all folded nice and new with tags still on in The Gap bag that was on top of her cage/crate. Running around trying to get down to suburbia for my dentist appointment I noticed the bag on the cage, looked at the then 2 month old Penny already safely nestled away in her crate and thought hmm.. maybe I should move The Gap Bag. Then I thought there is no way in hell she could do anything to that. Besides the holes in this crate are seriously like 4"x4". What could she possibly do?

Let me tell ya...I get home like three hours later open the front door to the house and see literally thousands of the tiniest little pieces of the blue The Gap bag all over the floor and in her cage. There was nothing left of this bag. Nothing. All the other clothes were still folded nice and neat on top of the cage except, you guessed it, the $50 pair of pants. These pants somehow ended up in her cage with her with chew holes in the cuff of the pants and one about the size of a quarter in the front, right on the thigh area. Yes, I was extremely pissed off about the whole thing but she was just a pup. Now I look back and think man, I wish I would have had a video camera set up just to see her tugging and tugging and tugging on this bag and ripping it to shreads. At least I can look back on this and laugh now. As for the pants, the one terrific woman I worked with at the time fixed the pants as best as she could. You can hardly tell there was a hole there.

So there is one of many stories I have about her.

Moving on in this introduction...

April of 2006 I get laid-off. Can you believe it? I never thought the day would come. After 15+ years of consistently being employed, I get laid off for the summer. And I have a job to go back to in September. How cool is that? I may go into this story in further detail in an upcoming blog. Seriously though being laid off in the summer, at least this summer, is nothing to be jealous of. There were beautiful spring days in May when I got my garden planted but then it went to terrential dowpours for two straight weeks and then scorching hot for like two weeks. So I've been in the house for like a month with the two dogs. Two dogs you ask? I only remember you mentioning Penny.

Two days before my sabatical began for the summer we got him. Him being Travis, which is Penny's brother, as in litter-mate. How were we so lucky to get her brother? In a nutshell, the breeder had him to use as a stud dog. Then the breeder fell ill and wanted to get rid of him so lo and behold we took him. Meet Travis:

He was basically a one year old puppy when we took him in. He only knew one command at that point but after some direction from his pack leaders he is doing wonderfully and has made himself right at home. He is truly a really good dog.

He only had the opportunity to chew up one comforter. One BRAND NEW COMFORTER. The week prior Penny had just got done ripping apart comforter number two.

So two dogs, one cat, and four comforters later here I am collecting un-employment and writing a blog about stuff that I feel is blog-worthy.

Well, that's it for this blog entry. Not much of an introduction. It's more of just to bring you up to date. So now you have some background for future entries into this blog o' mine.

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