Thursday, July 05, 2007

Happy 5th of July!!

Hope everyone had a Happy Independence Day out there.

Today is the 5th of July and my Dad's 75th Birthday. Happy Birthday to you Dad!

I can't imagine what the world will be like when I am 75. I must have heard those ya know when i was a kid we didn't have T.V. stories like 1,000 times and now you have the world at your fingertips by carying around a cell phone. What will my stories be like??? ya know we only had a dial up modem when I was a teenager.....

Here's some memories of my Dad from 33 years:

He worked alot!

I guess when you have 5 kids to feed you have no other choice. I remember him working 7 days a week for what seemed like a very long span of time. He worked in a hot, dirty old machine shop making parts for aerospace defense (fighter jets and whatnot). Not a very glamorous job but an important one and one that paid the bills and fed his brood.

He took us on cool vacations. Here's a few:

We always went to the Jersey shore for a couple days each summer. Then there was the trip to Canada. We stayed in cabins on the St. Lawrence River, went to Thousand Islands and Bolt Castle. On a seperate trip we went to Niagra Falls. We went up the pocono's every year. We also went to Hilton Head South Carolina and Disney World. I guess since I am the youngest I went on more trips than any of the older siblings. When they got older they tended not to go so much. I guess the party's they had at my parents house while we were away were more fun.

BBQ's/Parties at our house!

You name the summer holiday - we usually had a few realtives or a few relatives, neighbors and half of my Dad's work at our house for something; Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, his birthday and my mom's birthday (her b-day is 7/2 she turned 68) for a couple years every summer it was a graduation party. So it was swimming all day for the kids and drinking all day for the adults. (There was always a keg in a barrel right outside the porch). I used to love swimming at night. We had colored lights in the pool. Oh yea! Way cool! We used to swim so much the ends of hair would turn green from the chlorine. Anyway...if you lived in my neighborhood and you just happended to drive by our house during one of these parties you could usually find one of my Uncles' or my Grandfather napping under a tree with a beer next to them. I have the pictures to prove it. Ahhh, Good times!

The Father/Daughter Dinner Dances

What? Exactly. Every year my high school would hold a semi-formal dance on a Saturday night where the girls brought thier dads for dinner and dancing. Everyone got all dresed up, got pictures taken, ate dinner and danced the night away. I never thought my dad would go for something like that so Inever asked him my first year year of high school. Then the next year I asked him if he wanted to go see what it was all about. He must of had a good time...when we left he aksed me when the next one was going to be held. And so for the next two years, once a year, my dad and I would get dressed up, get our pictures taken, eat and dance the night away. I also have the pictures of this to prove it. More Good Times!

Just a few bits and pieces from my memory bank.

So we had a surprise 75th Birthday Party for my Dad and I spent the 4th with my parents and went out to lunch. I wish I could have done more more like take him on a nice vacation or something like he did for us all those times.....maybe one day soon...

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