Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Christmas greetings!!!

So. It's been a while...

where the hell was I?

Don't get excited.

it's not like I took a sabatical and went hiking in yellowstone for 3 months or

hit the lottery and traveled Europe for 3 months or

oh...who knows....cruised to some private island and worked on my tan while getting massages on the beach and drinking some fruity, icy drink with an umbrella in it..

no. nothing like that.

but after mucho dinero and ALOT of sweat equity my bed is no longer in my living room..That's right. No longer does the front door open to reveal a Queen size bed and nightstand. We actually have a master bedroom and's been two years of finishing multiple other projects on the house to get us to this point but the time has finally come. I no longer am subject to showering in spooky shower bathroom makeshift pantry room. I now have a bright sunny yellow brand new tub and shower with brand new ceramic tile floor and brand new sink and toilet bathroom. I even get to use my brand new towels that I received as a bridal shower gift 7 years ago in my brand new bathroom. Mind you we still need a brand new window and molding and a mirror and shelving but I don't even give a crap about all that. right now.

About the master bedroom...this was two small bedrooms with a tiny powder room. It is now one big open room with a nice size master bathroom attached. The bedroom is on the side of the house next to the woods and has plenty of windows that face the woods and french doors that lead out to a deck. Sweet! I couldn't tell you how happy I was the first night we actually got to sleep in our bedroom. It is just so peaceful and quiet in my neighborhood I sleep like a lil baby. It's also nice waking up in the morning and seeing 4 or 5 deer right outside the window. I know, not everyone likes to live the way we do but I love it. There's just something about quiet that I absolutely love and cannot get enough of. Maybe it's because i work and have worked in noisy environments my whole life. I'm sitting here now without any TV on, no raido...nuttin...just the hum of the computer, the drip-drip drip of the kitchen sink and a diesel engine running somwehere in the distance. Love it!!!

So to make a super long story real short we made much progress on the house. We are not completely finished. We need to rip out the kitchen and re-do it when the spring comes, do landscaping, the driveway needs to be fixed, etc. etc.

I need to blog more often...maybe that will be a new years resolution for more...use it as some type of therapy for whatever ails you (me)

So how were the holidays? It was good seeing the family as it always is. I dont get to see my neices and nephews nearly half as much as I used to..and boy are they growing up. oh yea, besides the fact that I broke my parents wood duck and spilled wine on thier carpet, it was festive indeed. luckily it was the zinfandel that i spilled and not the lambrusco. that would have left a nice red stain on thier white carpet. it was purely an accident. it had nothing to do with how much lambrusco i already drank. seriously. i fell shitty about the duck. really i do.

see the duck on the left? that's the now broken duck...the tip of the tail feathers popped right off...see how this all started was the above picture was taken because we were going to hold my parents ducks a duck napping...and send them pictures of the ducks at random but we were going to hide the ducks in thier house. I'll have you know this idea was the brainstorm of my husband...we were the mere mortals who were persuaded to go along witb it after killing the entire bottle of there was no way we could get the ducks into thier bed like my husband suggested without them seeing us or figuring out something was up.

So the brown duck on right...his hiding spot was between the antlers of the mounted buck on the wall. Perfect. The other ducks hiding sopt was on this plastic two tiered christmas decoration from the 1960's that was hanging from a plant hook from the I placed mr. duck on the top tier every so carefully..)see proof below)looks

and as soon as I turned my back the duck came crashing to the floor (tail first) and my nine year old nephew went upstairs and told on me and my my mom came downstairs to keep an eye on us and then about 5 minutes later i spilled the wine.

That's me cleaning up the spilled wine.

Merry Christmas!!!!

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