Tuesday, January 01, 2008

How did you spend your New Year's Eve?

...maybe intoxicated at a huge house party?

or at Times Square?

maybe you sat home with you family and made Gino's pizza rolls and nodded off even before the ball dropped?

well...whatever you did I hope you have a healthy and happy New Year.

Bob and I spent part of the evening with our neighbor whose wife just passed away right before the holidays. We went over for dinner, drinks and conversation. Then we came home,watched a bit of TV and fell asleep.

and yes..I did make some resolutions for the new year....eat healthier being the most important, read more and blog more...I'm already off to a good start. I bought a new book yesterday and am blogging already..now to get back to the most important...eat healthier.

I did make some minor changes last year on my way to better nutrition.

i will only by whole grain breads and rice
i only drink soda on occassion ..
no mayo on my sandwiches
i only eat a cheesteaks like twice a year rather than like once a week...
no more whole milk...skim or 1% for my house
eat more fruit and fresh veggies
oh yea...try to get more exercise

minor things but hey we just got started.

so now you uderstand where i'm coming from so maybe to better track what we are consuming I will post our dinners to look at it in black and white. Now I'm not saying we are not going to ever eat anything bad I'm just trying to be a bit healthier.

Without further ado...the question I get asked daily by Bob is now going to be the subject of the majority of my posts ...."What's for dinner?"

(now this question is aksed of me sometimes the night before as I am climbing into bed at 10 PM or at 7:00 AM the next morning or at lunch or sometimes even while we are eating...say it's wednesday and we are eating spaghetti..Bob will ask...what are having tomorrow? Just yesterday we were at Old Navy standing in line to return some things and out of no where...'What are we having for dinner tomorrow?"

I think the first of the year is the only day Bob and I know what we are having way in advance...we have it the first of every new year just like I am sure almost everyone in my entire family does....yes Pork and Kraut....mmmmmmmmm

so..."What's for Dinner tonight?"

Pork and Kraut

Happy New Year!

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